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Zeitsprünge – Aktuelles Heft

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Studies in Early Modern History, Culture and Science


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Jahrgang 20, Heft 3–4 (2016)


Technologies of Theatre. Joseph Furttenbach and the Transfer of Mechanical Knowledge in Early Modern Theatre Cultures


Jan Lazardzig, Hole Rößler: Joseph Furttenbach and the Transfer of Mechanical Knowledge. New Perspectives on Early Modern Theatre Cultures

Joseph Furttenbach: Florentine Festivals and Stage Machinery. Codex iconographicus 401 (Bavarian State Library)

Hole Rößler: "For lack of a site, and also to save on expenses". Knowledge of Stagecraft: Joseph Furttenbach and the Limits of Cultural Translation

Sara Mamone: The Uffizi Theatre. The Florentine Scene from Bernardo Buontalenti to Giulio and Alfonso Parigi

Giuseppe Adami: Between Tradition and Innovation. Reconsidering Florentine Stage Machinery of the Seventeenth Century in the Light of the Furttenbach codex iconographicus 401

Simon Paulus: The Engineer´s Gaze. Some Remarks on Spatial and Technological Perception and Presentation in the codex iconographicus 401

Matteo Valleriani: Forms and Functions of Codification of Knowledge. An Example from the Work of Joseph Furttenbach


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