Zeitsprünge 24 (2020)

Zeitsprünge 24 (2020)

Forschungen zur Frühen Neuzeit
Studies in Early Modern History, Culture and Science

Herausgegeben vom Stuttgart Research Centre for Text Studies und dem Forschungszentrum Historische Geisteswissenschaften

ISSN: 1431-7451

Band 24 (2020)
ca. 500 Seiten
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Aus dem Inhalt von Band 24, Heft 1–2 (2020):

Practices of Commentary
Ed. by Christina Lechtermann und Markus Stock

Christina Lechtermann and Markus Stock: Introduction 

Stefanie Brinkmann: Marginal Commentaries in adīManuscripts  

Walid A. Saleh: The Place of the Medieval in Qur’an Commentary. A Survey of Recent Editions

Jeannie Miller: Commentary and Text Organization in al-Jāi’s Book of Animals    

Simon Whedbee: The Pedagogy of Twelfth-Century Cathedral School Biblical Commentaries Peter Comestor’s Lectures on the Gospel of Luke

Anthony J. Fredette: Medieval Commentary on the Thebaid and its Reception Preliminary Observations        

Suzanne Conklin Akbari: Ekphrasis and Commentary in Walter of Chatillon’s Alexandreis

Jennifer Gerber: About Form and Function of German Vernacular Commentaries     

Christina Lechtermann: Commentary as Literature. The Medieval ›Glossenlied‹         

Daniel Dornhofer: Performing Commentary. Preaching the Apocalyptic Drama in Early Modern England

Christine Ott: Veils and Naked Words. Girolamo Benivieni’s Self-Commentaries

Philip Stockbrugger: Mirroring Authorization in Torquato Tasso’s Rime Amorose

Magnus Ulrich Ferber and Philipp Knüpffer: Letters as Comment on Commentary The Annotationes in Hymnos Callimachi by Nicodemus Frischlin (1577) and Bonaventura Vulcanius (1584)  

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