Bojanić, Petar: In-Statuere

Figures of Institutional Building
English translation by Edward Djordjevic
2022. 392 Seiten. Kt 59,00 €
ISBN 978-3-465-04604-2
Recht als Kultur 28

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'Being together' obviously means something more, such as being with some third, someone not yet present. If we had to describe this novelty in the development of the 'In-statuere' (de)construction, we would begin from the number of acts continuously enlarged, increased by the reciprocal activity of multiple actors. A group of individuals gathers to address a problem, transparently design a solution, construct a general plan of action for providing help, and organize a series of future actions in a disciplined manner that are intended to bring about a given social change. An institution is impossible if there are no experiments or a universal solution to a general problem, one that affects everybody. There can be no institution without the organization of joint resistance, and a project of counter-institution.



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