Law and the Arts

Elective Affinities and Relationships of Tension
Hrsg. von Werner Gephart und Jure Leko
2017. 414 Seiten. Kt 69,00 €
ISBN 978-3-465-04298-3
Recht als Kultur 18

This volume documents the outcome of a working group regarding "Law and the Arts", which was organized by the Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities "Law as Culture".

The collected contributions discuss the structural relationships and contradictions of law and the arts with the aim of bringing the spheres closer to each other again. The plea is therefore that the reciprocal potential for insight be better utilized not only through conceptualization, aesthetic reflection, and sensory appraisals, but also through aesthetic practice. Thus, this volume takes a look beyond the classical subject matter of law and literature and incorporates the increasing interest for visual cultures, yet also encourages new fields of research that relate to the hidden relationship between law and music as well as the colorfulness of law and law as sculpture.



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